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By Executive Order 2017-06, you are invited to comment on the log scaler's licensure requirements currently in place for the State of Idaho. Detailed information can be found in the following two attachments.

Licensure requirements EO 2017-06.pdf    EO 2017-06.pdf

Below are the notices for the Spring Pre-test scaling workshop and the 2018 Idaho log scaler's licensing examination.

Spring 2018 April Potlatch.pdf    Scaling Board Meeting 05-11-18


Assessment  Newest monthly report form and other assessment information.


Log Brands  Information about log brand registration is available online.  This page includes a downloadable log brand registration form (PDF file).


Log Scaling Overview  Overview and general information about Scribner decimal "C" and Cubic log scaling in Idaho.


Scaler License  General information about licensing requirements and procedures may be found here.  This page includes a downloadable Log Scaler License Application form (PDF file).  Also includes information on obtaining a Temporary Permit or Apprenticeship Certificate


Scaler Roster  This links to a page containing a list of currently licensed log scalers. Also includes any scalers holding a current Temporary Permit or Apprenticeship Certificate.


Scaling Manual  Effective May 8, 2009, the official Idaho Log Scaling Manual and courtesy links to USFS scaling information and publications are found here.


Technical Log Scaling

  • Statutes administered by the Idaho Board of Scaling Practices

  • Administrative rules of the Idaho Board of Scaling Practices

  • Information about rules revisions and adoption of the Idaho Log Scaling Manual


About Us  Information about the Idaho Board of Scaling Practices, a state agency concerned with log scaling practices.


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